Special Needs Toys

Hello and welcome. This site is all about switch adapted special needs toys, the benefits of switch adapted play and how selecting toys wisely can help teach children with special needs to develop an increased awareness of their abilities and surroundings.

All kids love playing with toys. Unfortunately some children it’s more difficult because their medical condition prevents them from pressing the small buttons used to turn them on. Some children may not be able to see the on/off buttons and others may find them just too complicated.

Such children may find adapted special needs toys like these here, in which the on/off activation is controlled by a brightly colored big button switch such as a BIGmack, far easier to play with.

Parents and carers may find their child is more motivated, more attentive and focused when given the opportunity to play with switch adapted special needs toys they themselves can work. Read about these six toys on the Switch Adapted Toys page.

When a child starts to play with adapted toys that child also starts on a path to developing transferable switch skills. Those same skills are essential for school work, participation in classroom discussion, computer access, interacting on social media and lots more.

As a guide for parents and professionals we have grouped the adapted toys and other switch accessible devices into three age ranges: 3 – 6 years, 6 – 10 years and 10 to teens but check out all the toy categories in our UK web shop. Or use the links below.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have a question. Use the email form on the Contact Us page.