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This page introduces us – Gloria and Mike Taylor – as owners of a company we call Excitim to parents and professionals of children with special needs.

We specialize in making changes to toys so that switch users can have just as much fun as any other child.

Image of Gloria and Mike Taylor, owners of Excitim

We are Excitim a family run business based in the United Kingdom

We would like to tell you how we started out making adapted toys.

Excitim is a family business run by us from our base in Market Drayton, Shropshire in the UK. We live in the countryside about one hour drive north west of Birmingham about the same south west of Manchester and not too far from the border with Wales. (type Excitim into Google, Apple or Bing Maps)

Every so often we get asked ‘what do you love about running the business?’ The simple answer is people, parents and professionals, tell us our toys make a big difference to the lives of their children. Being told that gives us a real buzz!

Another question I’m frequently asked is ‘how did you get into adapting toys?’

We started out as Excitim in 2006 after I left the ‘corporate’ world in one of its regular purges; I was 53 years old/young. In fairness I’d been lucky; I’d had a progressive international career working for a very large company and all earlier lay-offs had passed me by. We had the good fortune to live in Germany for 8 years and then for 7 years in Switzerland before returning to the UK.

Our interest in adapted toys all started when I was introduced to an electronics engineer, Mark Heath, and he told us about what he’d done for a five year old paralyzed after a road accident. He’d developed a remote controlled car that could be driven by body movements – in Danny’s case, head movement.

We started working together and called his adapted cars ‘Dream-Racer’. This page on the Special-Needs-Toy UK site explains more and the video shows how it works.

It was in 2007, during a visit to The Special Needs Fringe exhibition in London, where we got lucky. Nadine and Rick at Quality Enabling Devices, one of the best known UK companies working in special needs, took interest in Dream-Racer and included it in their catalog.

Since then we’ve gone on to include a lot more adapted toys. Along the way we’ve won awards, been on the radio, in the newspapers and been sent testimonials from parents and professionals in North America encouraging us to keep doing more of the same. That’s the plan.

This is a quick snapshot of what’s currently in the catalog:

All of the products highlighted are available for purchase from Excitim’s Special-Needs-Toys website in the United Kingdom or from a growing number of specialist distribution partners.

Feel free to get in touch through our Contact Us page – we are really friendly and may be able to help you find something just right.

Read our Special-Needs-Toys blog: it’s where I write about new toys, places we visit, groups we support and lots more. Let’s be social: follow us on social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Follow us now.

Have fun,

Gloria and Mike Taylor

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